Mistress Katiyah

mon·arch ˈmänərk,ˈmänˌärk/ noun 1. a sovereign head of state, especially a king, queen, or emperor. synonyms: sovereign, ruler, the Crown, crowned head, potentate; Dominatrix

Come experience the Art of Female Domination. In Mistress Katiyahs realm you will bow and pray to her. Your limits will be pushed and boundaries respected. You must approach with great respect and yield to her demands if you wish to serve her person.

" There is something beautiful in pain, especially the soul's reflection through the eyes of someone who is pained. " - Mistress Katiyah




BDSM Etiquette

First and foremost know your place. Being in the presence of such an intelligent and powerful woman is a privilege not a right.

Mistress Katiyah is VERY selective as to whom she chooses to see, last thing you want to do is have her refuse to see you because of something you said or did. Here are a few tips and guidelines to follow when approaching Mistress Katiyah for a session.


Haus Of Bathory Dungeon

Mistress Katiyah’s Private Dungeon

Haus Of Bathory is a fully equipped playspace with an assortment of furniture, toys and accessories. Toys and equipment provided by Mistress Katiyah are always clean and  sanitized after each session. Most toys are rotated out of use after only a few uses while some are designed for longer term use without any issues. If you want Mistress Katiyah to use a “special toy” then you must provide that toy to her as a gift whereas it will not be returned to you. Your “gifts” of new toys are always appreciated however are not a requirement.



Worship of Mistress Katiyah is never optional, it is a requirement! Your obedience is a prerequisite. Being in the presence of such a powerful woman should be considered a privilege, to have the opportunity to Worship Mistress Katiyah and the level of Worship required will be discussed in private sessions. Being dominated by a sensual, elegant and strong Mistress like Katiyah is a gift that should never be taken lightly.


Where Pain and Pleasure Meet

Your threshold of pain will be met only with your consent and the development of trust with Mistress Katiyah. A safe word will always be established for your safety. Once the safe word is used in a scene the session is over, so use it wisely. Once the scene is over Mistress Katiyah will have an exchange of dialogue with you in regards as to why you chose to use the safe word and will keep in mind the threshhold of your limits for any future sessions.

Levels and Methods of Punishment

From standard to creative methods of techniques, toys and furniture the levels and methods of Punishment will follow a predetermined plan you discuss in advance of your session with Mistress Katiyah.



Trust is never freely given, it is earned. Trust and mutual respect is a primary factor is BDSM and it must be established. Ultimately you should know that Mistress Katiyah’s primary goal is to delve into your psyche and deliver an ultimate experience. She takes Trust very seriously and is confident that you will enjoy letting go of any Fear and Trusting her with your mind and body!

Before any session, Mistress Katiyah will have a brief consultation where boundaries, expectations, limits and session objectives will be discussed. Never be afraid to ask questions!

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