" She is both hellfire and holy water. And the flavor you taste depends on how you treat her. "-Sneha Pal

Welcome to Mistress Katiyahs sanctuary for BDSM, Mistress is a professional Dominatrix based out of Greensboro, North Carolina where she offers a safe and sane retreat to those whom seek solace and comfort in a realm FREE of judgment! She is an intoxicatingly sweet disciplinarian, thought provoking, intellectually distinguished, sensual sadist with a depraved kinky sense of perversion who defies the social stigmas of what a domme " Should be" due to her down to earth satirical personality which seems calm, quirky and passive but dont be fooled.

​Very ambitous and driven, Mistress Katiyah amusment and entertainment is derived solely from watching the wealthy and influential become mendicant groupies waiting to submit and bow down in her presence. She finds your weaknesses, repects your boundries whilst pushing your limits to serve her own purpose and amusement.

​Mistress Katiyah is well established 33 year old entrepreneur. She attended college in pursuit of a double major degree in Information Technology and Computer Programming with the goal of creating her own fortune 500 company someday but found that it wasnt where her passion lied. Now a days, she enjoys remaining low key and focusing solely on her career as a Domme and as a woman of the arts her days consists of quiet evenings listening to classical music, painting whilst enjoying a glass of fine wine. She also enjoys weight lifting, singing and aims to open her very own art gallery/ wine bar soon. A true renaissance woman, she is completely independent and does it all.