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****Domination is NOT prostitution! Sessions are phsycho-sexual in nature and DO NOT involve the actual act of sex! EVER!

**** All information given in this form and in RT is held in the strictest of confidence between the Mistress and yourself ONLY!


​                                                                                    PROTOCOL FOR SCHEDULING A SESSION:

To ensure a fullfilling session for both of you and the Mistress, your Mistress needs some information about you. All information is kept confidential and is used solely for the purpose of planning your session.

Prior to booking your first session Mistress Katiyah requires the following: Submissive/Fetish Form to be completed and submitted below.The form below is just for the intial first visit (New Submissives/Fetishists) only! If you have visited the Mistress before you are not required to fill out the form again. Mistress Katiyah carefully plans her sessions accordingly on each individual based on the information given below. Make sure you are detailed and thorough, The more detail you provide the better your session will be.

If you are calling to book your first session make sure you have already completed and sent the form. If you are calling for any other reason, use the time wisely! Mistress Katiyahs time is valuable-DO NOT WASTE IT.

**** If you are new to communicating with an intelligent Dominant Female - I suggest you read the following ETIQUETTE page.



Instructions on how to make a deposit when booking for your session day/time:

Its simple, after you have filled out the form, Mistress katiyah will reach out to you via email to arrange a time best for you to  call, she will discuss this over the phone, $50-100 dollars (or more depending on session length) WILL be requested from her to you once you have made it to this final step! Deposit will apply towards session total but  Non refundable in the event that you cancel or decide to not show.

All deposits are required to be made via Amazon E-Gift Card sent directly to her email: mistresskatiyah66@gmail.com 

* Deposits are to guarantee your session day and time.

* YOU MUST CANCEL WITHIN 48 HOURS OF YOUR SESSION, to be able to reschedule for another day/time and not lose your deposit.

Once you have set an appointment, puncuality is expected! life happens and sometime we run late so it is imperative that you let her know about any setbacks. Appointments will be confirmed *twice, the day before and the day of, 60-90 minutes prior the appointment time via phone call, at this point she will disclose directions and protocol for arrival at gate.

if you respond late, your session may be canceled and a new deposit will be required to reshedule. if you do not respond at all and are a no call/no show you will be immedietly blacklisted from ever scheduling a session again and you will lose your deposit.



It has come to Mistress Katiyahs attention that some of you would like to have a consultation before hand to see you both fit, as we know her time is valuable as she is busy between tours and rt sessions in her space, her time is very limited. Mistress Katiyah is willing to provide online skype consultations for $3.00 per minute or if you are in her vicinity you may book an in person consualtation for $50.00 with her. whichever you may prefer, payments will be taken upfront prior to making arrangments. Once her time has been secured and arrangments are made she will schedule a time and date that works for both you and her. However; If you decide to proceed with booking a session instead of an additional deposit being required along with consulatation fee she will provide a free consultation when a deposit is submitted.


           This form is mainly used more so as a starting point to help me delve in to your pysyche and plan a better fitting and more suitable session for you.

**** When filling out the form below, please pick your immediate interests only and please do so selectively. Do not choose everything, with the mentality that you will get everything in a session. - BE REALISTIC




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*Can you be marked ? If so, for how long ?

*How long have you been involved in BDSM activities ?

*Do you have any medical issues mental or physical?

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*Tell me about yourself in detail. You better be Self Aware!

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*What is your pain tolerance/level (Be truthful, I will find out your true number!)

*Have you ever served a Pro-Domme?

*Name of the Pro-Dommes you have served

*How did you hear about me?

*Any extra comments, be detailed.

*This form is for SUBMISSIVES ONLY! I am nobody's girlfriend I AM A DOMME! If you are looking for your next girlfriend or escort then YOU MUST leave this page immediately because you WILL NOT find ANY of that with me! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS?

*By clicking the yes box, you are agreeing that you have read all of the statements above the form regarding protocol, scheduling and deposits and are in complete awareness and agreement.

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