Experience & Expertise



Primary Services

BDSM Fantasies/Fetishes

You will not be disappointed with your experience. From role playing to dress-up and even into an extreme hardcore dream to reality, Mistress Katiyah will take you on an adventure that is second to none. Consultations are available at the begining of every session in order to allow you to express what your desires are.   


Mistress Katiyah has a growing selection of toys and equipment for creating spectacular scenes that are sanitized throughly after each use. If you have a specific toy you want  to use during a scene, please provide it as a gift knowing that it will not be returned to you after the session is over. The use of toy(s) can enhance your erotic experience and take you to higher levels of pleasure, you may bring your own, preferably new.


When you come into the presence of Mistress Katiyah you are required to prostrate yourself accordingly and show your humble respect in resting pose. You are required to consider being in the presence of Mistress Katiyah as a gift and no less than a privilege. Mistress Katiyah requires that you remain obedient and respectful at all times as a matter of Domme/submissive etiquette. How you worship Mistress Katiyah should align with Her expectations and be a pleasurable experience for both yourself and Mistress Katiyah.


You know before you even reach the presence of Mistress Katiyah whether you need to be punished or not and she will know as well. You will be pushed to your limits by Mistress Katiyah and when she identifies a limit that you cannot please her by reaching she is likely to push you even further as a punishment for your disobedience and insubordination.

Secondary Services

In addition to the primary services provided by Mistress Katiyah here is a list of secondary scenes that She enjoys and are available; For those of you that come to Mistress requesting from the list below, Please keep in mind that she will make a mental note but does not guarantee any of your requests. Ultimately, it is her decision as to what she decides she will do with you, if you behave yourself than she just might reward you. It is almost nearly impossible to go through various forms of play especially to those whom request only a 1 hour session. I would suggest you book atleast a 2 hour session to begin in order to accomadate with a fully enhanced memorable experience.

  • Sensual BDSM
  • Traditional BDSM
  • Couples Sessions
  • Group Session
  • Overnight Sessions
  • Travel Dates
  • Slave Training (Domestic Service, High Protocol)
  • Erotic Humiliation
  • Forced Bi
  • Golden Showers
  • CBT
  • Forced Feminization
  • Sissification
  • Foot Worship
  • Trampling
  • Ass Worship
  • ABDL
  • Cosplay
  • Role Playing ( Favorite- Office Domination, Catholic Religious RP, Strict Mother Disciplinarian )
  • Cross Dressing
  • Corporal Punishment
  • Humiliation
  • Public Humiliation
  • Crushing
  • D/s Training
  •  Theraputic Body Work & Alternative Stress Managment Sessions
  • Forced Fitness
  • Forced Feeding
  • Spanking & Flogging
  • Caning
  • Bondage
  • Sensation Play
  • Water Sports
  • Body Worship
  • Mummification
  • Fisting
  • Electrodes
  • Sploshing
  • Sounds
  • Human Ashtray
  • Human Furniture
  • Strap Worship
  • Anal Machine Gun Torture
  • Hitachi Torture
  • Cock Leash/Bondage
  • Chastity Training
  • Sadism ( Physical and Emotional )
  • Ignoring
  • Hooding/Blindfolds
  • Impact Play (Spanking, Flogging Paddling, Whipping)
  • Medical Scenes ( Sounding, Needle Play, ETC )
  • Anal Training
  • Tease and Denial
  • Sensory Overload
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Cuckolding (with WM Bull is available only for this type of session)
  • Armpit Worship
  • Scent Training
  • Bastinado
  • Phone/Skype Sessions
  • Financial Domination
  • Slave Ownership with legal binding contract
  • JOI ( Jerk Off Instructions )
  • Heavy/Light Ball Busting
  • Objectification
  • Tickle Torture
  • Spitting
  • Others to be discussed during a consultation