Q:Do you like gifts Mistress Katiyah?

A: Yes, new toys, fine white wines, tips, gift cards and referrals are all wonderful! Here's a list to my Amazon wish list: http://a.co/4VUPaqD

Q:What makes you a great Mistress?

A: I have been a submissive so I understand the desires and needs of my Clients. Additionally I have a passion for what I do and I really enjoy it as a lifestyle not a job.

Q:If you have never been my Mistress before, how do I contact you to schedule a session?

A: Shoot me a brief email introducing yourself or give me a quick call where we can establish protocol and discuss the next step to scheduling a session.

Q:List some of the things you will not do as my Mistress?

A: Brown showers/scat, any type of farting fetishes, any type of sex or penetration to myself and absolutely no type of fellatio (oral sex)

Q:Tell me about the toys you have?

A: Floggers, Gag-ball, Ropes, Nipple Clamps, Spanking Bench and Massage Table, St. Andrew Cross and others not mentioned here.

Q:How long are the sessions?

A: Typically Mistress Katiyah offers 1-3 hour sessions with longer sessions and overnight stays for existing Clients only.

Q:Will you provide services at my home instead of your place?

A: I do not currently do outcalls for new Clients, only with existing Clients I am comfortable with.