My alias is “Mistress Katiyah” and for obvious security reasons I do not disclose my full name or my personal home address. That being said I operate my business in full compliance of all applicable city, county, state and federal guidelines, ordinances and laws. I “DO NOT SELL SEX IN ANY FORM OR FASHION” and I “DO NOT PROVIDE SEXUAL SERVICES THAT INCLUDE ANY FORM OF INTERCOURSE OR INTIMATE PHYSICAL PENETRATION” as I am not a prostitute or sex worker. I operate my business transparently and work diligently to set a very high standard for all legal compliances and it is both my intention and desire to adhere and comply with all applicable laws related to the services I offer my select Clientele. I am an independent “Mistress” and I refer to myself as an “Alpha-Domme” who provides services for “tribute” and who loves what I do. As an “Independent Alpha-domme” I am solely responsible for my services and for the operation of my business.