Mistress Katiyah

I started out in the lifestyle on my own as personal interest about ten or so years ago, professionally for about five years now. Over time I have come to develop my own sense of style with each experience. Being in the lifestyle has taught me alot about myself and it is something I take pride in when I help others navigate themselves and find things about themselves they did not know existed because there are alot of psychological factors that come in to play. I consider what I do as an art form and sometimes a form of alternative therapy. When I was younger I would frequently have sexual fantasies about sitting on a throne and having a huge house full of concubines to dispose of and use at my own personal discretion, at that point I never realized it was an actual lifestyle until my latest youth and have made it a personal goal to make that wish come true. I began as a submissive out of thirst for knowledge and inquisitiveness. The foundation of BDSM is more than just kink and fetish, the dynamic is based on the sole foundation of TRUST and mutual consent. I’ve always been a dominant character out of nature but enjoyed every second out of being a sub in the lifestyle because it offered a sense of nurture and security most people are not aware of, however; over the years I have realized it has only been a stepping stone in to the direction I was meant to pursue. Now, that I have evolved I know the inner workings and joys of a true submissive therefore; I know how to incorporate them in to my sessions in a manner I KNOW my submissives will thoroughly enjoy because I know it would please me.